We're a start-to-finish design and installer for luxury home theaters, house automation and lighting systems.


Planning Stage

Delphi Custom Theatres has the experience to know what system will work best for your requirements and situation whether it be a new home, renovation or retro-fit. Expect extensive consultation and planning starting with an in-home meeting where we assess the project and create the initial plan and budget.

System design and engineering is a complex process that takes into consideration the locations, uses and functionality you desire in your home.  Components must work well together across multiple systems for harmonious end use and satisfaction. Trust Delphi Custom Theatres to have the right pieces of the puzzle to create your masterpiece.


CEDIAMemLogoRGBTallOnce the project is planned and approved Delphi Custom Theatres personally handle the  rough-in stage where the physical building is prepared for new systems.  Careful attention to design and construction integrity are the hallmarks of Delphi’s installation philosophy. We take the highest standard of care with your home so your system will meet your expectations.

Installation follows rough-in and once again excellence is the highest priority. Each component is carefully calibrated and balanced to ensure optimum enjoyment with your new system.

After Sales Servicefamily-enjoy

TRAINING – Once your system has been rigorously tested and passed our standards for system integrity and performance, Delphi Custom Theatres carefully trains you and your family in the use and maintenance of your new system. The user interfaces are usually touch-pad and highly intuitive, although each user’s experiences becoming familiar with the new technology will be different. Expect Delphi to be patient and thorough during this stage.

MAINTENANCE – All Delphi Custom Theatre projects come with an extensive 2-year service warranty designed to provide peace of mind in your new system. No worries about programming, remote access, technical difficulties… you can just enjoy your new luxurious home environment.