Advanced Lighting Systems

Freedom to control your entire indoor and outdoor lighting from one location, anywhere in the world. Amazing.

Luxury Home Lighting


The latest technology in home lighting systems is simply stunning.

Highly customized automation allows for mood adjustments throughout the day as the natural light levels move throughout your home. Light now becomes an enhancement to¬†architectural features and treasured art featuring it in it’s best ‘light’ at all times.

Sensors trigger as you come into a room or walk down a hallway, turning lights on and off as you need them. Advanced programming calculates sunrise, sunset and even adjusts for daylight savings time to ensure you have optimum lighting when you want it.

The Ease and Green of Advanced Lighting Systems

Your indoor, outdoor and specialty lighting is fully controlled for daytime, night-time, when you're away all by an easy and intuitive touch pad manager or remotely via internet or smart phone app. It's technology of the future available now.

Save power by using sensors to turn lights on and off automatically or just when they're needed. No more wasted energy from lights left on or forgotten while you're away!